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Geography of the Sacred

Postponed - Stay Tuned!
Pastor Roland & Anita Syens

Israel & Jordan

Walk with Jesus in the Holy Land
Tenth Church
Pastors Jade Holownia and Dan Matheson
with Bronwyn Spilsbury


Experience the Holy Land

Pastor Terry Lee
postponed - stay tuned!

“This Sceptered Isle”

"This Sceptered Isle"
A Poetic Journey in England
August 7-18, 2023
Rev. Prof. Malcolm Guite with
Pastor Bronwyn Spilsbury


Bronwyn Spilsbury is an intrepid explorer of land and spirit and loves being with people. She is passionate about leading groups to discover their spiritual heritage in the places where Biblical stories are rooted. In the process, we become friends!
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Bronywn Spilsbury teaching


The pilgrimage starts with travel, trash and treasure

Landed at last! Vancouver-Calgary-Toronto-Frankfurt-Cairo! I've been travelling for two days to arrive at the start of the journey! ...
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Who you’ll meet on the journey

Soldiers: Mission & Order Tanks and bulldozer equipment line up as neatly as a child's play models, high ...
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Sky, sea, fire and the sound of silence

Caesarea Maritima - Herod's harbour Across the wind and waves of the morning a flute plays, dancing notes ...
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