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Egypt & Israel /Palestine

Journey of Promise: Glory to Glory
Mar 1-16, 2022
Prof. Darrell & Sharon Johnson with Pastor Bronwyn Spilsbury

Journey of Promise: from Glory to Glory!

A travel course hosted by Regent College, open to all.

Led by Professor Darrell & Sharon Johnson with Bronwyn Spilsbury

This journey has been postponed to March, 2022, for pandemic safety.

The Living God has been taking His people on a journey for a long time now. It all began in the Garden, somewhere in the land that is modern day Iraq, and then took giant steps forward in the land that is still called Egypt. It was there that the Living God met Moses in a burning bush and on a mountain engulfed in blazing light. And it was there that the Living God made promises that would affect not only the family of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, but the people of their greater “son” Jesus of Nazareth, people of every nation and race and culture whom He would draw to Himself. We are being given the privilege of walking in those giant steps as we make our way forward from the promise given in Egypt: to see the Glory of God, to the unexpected fulfillment of promise in Israel. We will never be the same again.

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