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Journey of Joy in the Holy Land
November 1-10, 2023
Private Journey
Explore - Experience - Expand - Express
Bronwyn Spilsbury

Journey of Joy in the Holy Land


Travel through the essence of  Scripture. Let Wisdom guide your way. Our journey is rich with goodness, truth, meaning … clarity follows. With renewed vision and purpose, our steps are strong and we REJOICE in the blessing of the LORD. Where once we wept by streams in Babylon, now we sing as we Enter His gates with
Thanksgiving, and His courts with Praise!

We are swept by the winds of the Spirit to places we’d only dreamed of. We hear the whisper of eternity, calling, “It is well! Shalom.” And we know it’s true. We are guided by Dr. Yossi Paz, top Israeli tour guide and archeologist. We enjoy community on every level, in comfort, hope and healing.

The land awaits, with excellent hotels for a true retreat. Come if you’re ready to leave all, and follow the Master’s call.

Follow the One who says, “You are my beloved!” Climb on high places of the soul. We will enter the waters of baptism, for those who choose. Experience the Mount of Beatitudes and Jesus’ “upside down gospel.” Find stillness on the Sea of Galilee. We will be nourished with the Bread of Life, like the 5000. And we will have darkness disappear, at the whisper of His voice: It is I, be not afraid! 

Come to where God has worked in history. Experience Holy Presence. Sit with Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane, and lift your deepest prayer. Walk the streets of Jerusalem, where He carried the cross, and calls us to walk on with Him. Celebrate the Resurrection – where the place of no return was overcome.

This will be the journey of a lifetime. An experience of healing, strength, hope, release, and empowerment. In God’s grace, for God’s glory, by God’s power: for the world God loves!

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