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Israel & Jordan

Walk by Faith in the Holy Land
January 30-February 10/13, 2022
A Chinese New Year Journey!
Mandarin translation
Professor Grace Liang &
Pastor Bronwyn Spilsbury

Walk by Faith in the Holy Land


Led by Professor Grace Liang and Pastor Bronwyn Spilsbury

Celebrating the Chinese New Year, a group of Chinese Pilgrims will enter the Holy Land and experience God’s Promises in a fresh way. The journey includes Israel & Jordan (Jordan is optional).

Led by Professor Grace Liang and Pastor – Director Bronwyn Spilsbury, who have lived and studied in Israel, and guided by Dr. Yossi Paz, top Israeli Guide, who advises the Ministry of Tourism in Israel.

Explore and experience the Holy Lands in their Biblical context. Read Scripture where it happened, pray and worship, learn the history and enjoy the beauty. Walk in the ways and world of Jesus.

As we go, we’ll enjoy food, laughter, incredible scenery, rich academic teaching, devotional messages and archeological expertise from the best! 

Includes English-Chinese translation. 

Be ready for your faith to flourish and God to open new doors and horizons for your year. 

We’ll ascend the hills of Galilee and sail on its Sea. Walk the Mountain of Beatitudes where birds still sing. Pray silently in Gethsemane. Travel the Via Dolorosa in Jerusalem. Explore the red dust of the Jordan desert, where the Israelites wandered for years, until Joshua and Caleb led them in.

Come and worship. Come and learn. Come walk with Jesus. 


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