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Jordan extension

God in the Desert
Tenth Church
Pastors Jade Holownia & Patrick Elaschuk with Pastor Bronwyn Spilsbury

God in the Desert

Optional Extension after Israel – for Tenth Church and friends.
Led by Pastors Jade Holownia, Patrick Elnaschuk, and Bronwyn Spilsbury.

In the history of God, the desert is a place of transition. Just ask Abraham, Moses, Joshua, or Paul.

In the deserts around Petra, all the way up to Mount Nebo, the children of Israel learned to rely upon God, to hear His voice, to follow His direction before entering the Promised Land. In the same desert, Paul learned deep things from the Holy Spirit before taking the gospel into the New World. 

What might God want to teach you in this desert? Come, join us as we follow the trail of history and of faith. As we quiet our hearts in the solitude and endless beauty of this land, discover the vast purposes of the Holy One, and find your place in His ongoing history.

We can’t wait for you to join us!

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