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Israel & Jordan

Explore the Holy Land
In the Light of Scripture

October 16-29, 2022
Pastor Shawn Hubert with Bronwyn Spilsbury

Explore the Holy Land – in the Light of Scripture

Hosts: Pastor Shawn Hubert with Pastor Bronwyn Spilsbury

Crossroads Community Church

Scripture breathes life into our spirits as we enter the story of faith and experience the life of pilgrimage. Come with us to ISRAEL. See where Jesus walked, and follow His footsteps. Learn more about your Bible: about prophets, priests and kings, and how Jesus was the fulfilment of all promise. By faith, enter the promises that are YES, IN HIM!

Don’t miss JORDAN, the place where Moses brought God’s people to the brink of the Promised Land. Ascend Mount Nebo, where he viewed the whole land, and then was taken to be with God. Ride open trucks through the vast red desert where the children of Israel walked, and where Paul received words of light from the Holy Spirit. Explore Petra, and see how ancient civilization thrived.

Come to ISRAEL & JORDAN, to explore our spiritual heritage in the light of Scripture and the path of history. Every location will bring to life some lesson we can ponder. Every day will open new windows of understanding. We will be transformed, and we will be stronger for all the years ahead. 

From the waters of the Sea of Galilee to the streets of Jerusalem to the vast plains of Jordan – all of it embodies and embraces Scripture. And WE WILL BE THERE! Sign up SOON! Space limited. First come first served. We can’t wait to greet you, and join Jesus in these Holy Lands!

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