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Jordan, Israel, Palestine

Journey with Jesus in the Land
May 8-21, 2024
Prof. George Guthrie
Pastor Bronwyn Spilsbury
A Regent College Travel Course
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Journey with Jesus in the Land

with Prof. George & Pat Guthrie and Pastor Bronwyn Spilsbury

A message from Dr. Guthrie:

Walking in the lands of the Bible will change you—it has me! On this exciting trip, we will be able to look across the Dead Sea, as Moses did, to touch the stone foundation of the synagogue where Jesus taught in Capernaum, and walk down the street in Nazareth, looking on the hills of Jesus’s boyhood home. At each step along the way, we will hear details of history and archaeology that will bring the Holy Land, past and present, to life. In warm and joy-filled Christian community we will pray, sing, and eat together, and we will reflect deeply on the details of the biblical story in a way that will change our reading of the Bible forever. Most importantly, we will meet the living Jesus in the pages of the Word and on the paths of his world—the world that he entered to bring us the good news of the gospel. So come and join us as we journey with Jesus in the Land!

This travel course offers insightful, experienced teaching, guiding, and direction from Dr. George Guthrie, Dr. Yossi Paz, and Pastor Bronwyn Spilsbury.  Register soon to save a place.

Recommended option: do a personal guided study for reflection and learning with Dr. Guthrie through Regent College.

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Jordan, Israel, Palestine

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