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Turkiye (Turkey) & Greece with Greek Isle Cruise

Follow the Lamb
In the Footsteps of John & Paul

June 15-29 2024
Prof. Paul Spilsbury &
Pastor Bronwyn Spilsbury

Follow the Lamb: in the Footsteps of John & Paul

A travel course hosted by Regent College, open to all.

June 15-29, 2024

Led by Professor Paul Spilsbury with Pastor Bronwyn Spilsbury

As we explore the New Testament world of the Book of Acts, the letters of Paul, and the book of Revelation, we will listen anew for the Voice calling us to “Follow the Lamb wherever he goes.” We will trace the travels of John and Paul to the ancient cities and islands of Greece and Asia Minor (Turkey), and as we take in the rugged beauty of this majestic land we will dive into the depths of what the Spirit was doing then and is doing now. For as they followed his Voice then, so we continue to do now. 

The Seven Churches of Revelation and the World of Acts

The journey starts in magnificent Istanbul, with Haggia Sophia, the blue mosque, grand bazaar and a river cruise. We journey to ethereal Cappadocia where we see frescoes in ancient cave churches (also an optional hot air balloon ride!)  We will visit the locations of the churches of Revelation, with excellent teaching throughout. 
For example, Ephesus is where locals chanted praise to goddess Diana and tried to kill Paul. We walk its ancient streets, see where Paul taught, and hear the magnificent words he wrote to the Ephesian church.
Those who wish will set sail from here on a spectacular 4-day cruise through the Greek islands, followed by a night and day in Athens. Others may conclude their marvellous journey in Ephesus and continue on to their own destination. 
The Greek cruise includes Biblical islands Patmos, Rhodes, Crete, plus beautiful Santorini. We tour Corinth, where Paul lived and taught for 18 months. Then go on to Athens, stopping at Mars Hill where Paul taught philosophers about the “unknown god.” We open Scripture, pray, and understand more deeply. 
At every location we will hear expert teaching. We will experience history, Scripture, and beauty. Come to be enriched, informed, transformed!
A Josephus scholar and New Testament Professor, Dr. Paul Spilsbury’s expertise is Christian origins and the earliest Church writings – exactly what this journey is all about.  Paul is Academic Dean and Professor of New Testament at Regent College. He led this journey for Regent College in 2022, and it’s back by popular acclaim!
Pastor Bronwyn Spilsbury applies themes of Scripture to life and leads the group to wisdom, depth, fellowship and fun. An experienced Pilgrimage Director, she takes care of the details, so you can relax, experience and enjoy. 
For maximum benefit, we encourage travellers to take the journey as a course for Regent College credit, as an option.

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Turkiye (Turkey) & Greece with Greek Isle Cruise

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